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Post-SPACE wrapup – First show since ’87!

The 22nd Small Press & Alternative Comics Expo, aka SPACE, was held on May 21-22 at the Rhodes Center on the grounds of the Ohio State Fairgrounds. That’s the top-line explanation, but then there’s what happened inside. I’ll try to share what little I could see from my vantage point, as well as my personalContinue reading “Post-SPACE wrapup – First show since ’87!”

Alan Sissom reviews Heroic: Heroes Past

Alan Sissom, publisher of Collectors Link Fanzine and fellow United Fanzine Organization member, forwarded me his review of Heroic: Heroes Past from the latest UFO newsletter, Tetragrammaton Fragments #265. The USPS hasn’t seen fit to deliver my copy yet, so Alan’s generosity allows me a jump on what hopefully will be arriving any day now.Continue reading “Alan Sissom reviews Heroic: Heroes Past”


Every time you see that little UFO logo on the cover of a small press publication, you know it’s published by a member of the United Fanzine Organization. The UFO is one of the longest-running fanzine co-ops in history, and I’m proud to have returned to the group after 30+ years away. UFO member publicationsContinue reading “UFO Checklist promotes STRANGE TIMES #1 & HEROES NOW: PATRIOT”


The books are on the street, and former United Fanzine Organization Chairman and small press comics legend Jeff Wood got the first mention: I thanked Jeff for his kind mention, and he replied, “[T]hank you for the enjoyable books!” Small press publishing is fun! It’s a terrific challenge to make the books, but just asContinue reading “First HEROES NOW: PATRIOT & STRANGE TIMES mention!”

A very big few days

Since returning from vacation on Saturday night, I’ve: Unpacked and washed clothes for the family Grocery shopped Watched football Received unexpected and awesome character art for yet another Phoenix Productions character for the upcoming HEROIC: HEROES NOW anthology while watching football. Read a couple great reviews of HEROIC: HEROES PAST in the just-received Tetragrammaton FragmentsContinue reading “A very big few days”

Looking back, looking forward

Funny, that title. I’m a Cub Scout leader as part of my non-comics life, and “Looking back, looking forward” is the name of a Webelos (older Cubs) adventure that involves personal and Scouting history. It has been one of my favorite adventures for the Cubs — at 5th grade, these kids barely have a historyContinue reading “Looking back, looking forward”

First Look: PATRIOT cover!

Just came in today, and I had to share — Larry Johnson’s cover for the forthcoming PATRIOT book! It’s been a long time coming — I started working on the script back in March 2021 — but we’re in the home stretch! Tony is over 2/3 complete with the inks on the 33-ish page story,Continue reading “First Look: PATRIOT cover!”

My Picks for the Top Comics of 2021

Happy Boxing Day! Everyone has their “Best of” lists for the year-end, and I read quite a few comics, too…so it only makes sense that I add my faves. This is a lightly edited compilation of my end-of-column notes that I’ve been inserting into the United Fanzine Organization‘s newsletter, Tetragrammaton Fragments, since rejoining that greatContinue reading “My Picks for the Top Comics of 2021”

Best Hologram review ever?

Former United Fanzine Organization chair and small press publishing legend Jeff Wood is catching up on his pile of unread zines, and he’s dishing out the commentary and accolades as appropriate. Here’s his Hologram mention: “Freaky diary of an insubstantial man.” Love it! Speaking of our insubstantial man, William Caddell and I are doing ourContinue reading “Best Hologram review ever?”

Patriot update (with artwork)!

Back in May, I teased a character study of my Patriot character by small press legend Tony Lorenz. I also suggested that he was going to draw my one-shot script, wherein we bring the Cold War hero and his sidekick, Jeff, into the modern day. Guess who’s been hard at work? Want to see someContinue reading “Patriot update (with artwork)!”