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Black Friday Sale!!

That’s right — We’re getting in on the Black Friday fun! For a measly five bucks, you can have a PDF copy of every non-variant Phoenix Productions book published thus far in 2022. That means you get: Go here to grab your books! The sale runs until noon EST on Saturday, November 26.

The books are at the printer!

This is not a drill…both HEROES NOW #2 and STRANGE TIMES #2 are at the printer. STRANGE TIMES #2 – The “anything goes” anthology attempts to tackle the “WHO ARE YOU” question with fun, poignant, odd, painful and deeply human interpretations of the theme. 48 page magazine, full color. Contributors include: HEROES NOW #2 –Continue reading “The books are at the printer!”

Labor Day means Phoenix books in progress

If you’re paid any attention over the past few months, I was laying low on comics since the SPACE 2022 show in Columbus. My goal: Get through the summer, enjoy it with the kids and then ramp it up once Labor Day hit. And that’s come to pass as expected. Well, kinda. I actually wasContinue reading “Labor Day means Phoenix books in progress”

What’s happening at Phoenix Prods?

Hello, everyone! Been a few weeks since I last wrote, so I thought I’d update everyone on where things are at. As predicted, summer has had a bit of a slowdown in production. The kids have been home for summer break, Dad Taxi has been in full swing, we’ve skipped town a couple of timesContinue reading “What’s happening at Phoenix Prods?”

A brief and overdue update

Hey comics-world! It feels like it’s been forever and a day since I had the flurry of activity concluding with the enjoyable S.P.A.C.E. show here in Columbus. Pro tip: The 2023 date and location are set! Mark your calendars! So while I am not blessed with time, I’ll do a quick and dirty rundown ofContinue reading “A brief and overdue update”

Calling for Submissions: Strange Times #2

“Who Are You?” That’s the theme for the second issue of Strange Times, our “anything goes” anthology. The idea of “Who Are You” is tied up in the conversations of our day about identity. Red and blue. Rich and poor. Fat and slim. Black and white and red and orange and purple. It seems thatContinue reading “Calling for Submissions: Strange Times #2”

What’s new at Phoenix?

Hey all, I’m back from Spring Break and am a bit more tan, slightly rested (but quickly losing ground on that front from long nights since returning) and am more than ready to get things rolling once again at Phoenix Productions! I thought it wise to share a little of what I’ve been up toContinue reading “What’s new at Phoenix?”


Every time you see that little UFO logo on the cover of a small press publication, you know it’s published by a member of the United Fanzine Organization. The UFO is one of the longest-running fanzine co-ops in history, and I’m proud to have returned to the group after 30+ years away. UFO member publicationsContinue reading “UFO Checklist promotes STRANGE TIMES #1 & HEROES NOW: PATRIOT”