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Columbus Scribbler liked HEROIC: HEROES PAST

Columbus, Ohio is incredibly fortunate to be home to an amazing comics infrastructure, not the least of which is the twice-Eisner Award-nominated Columbus Scribbler newspaper. The latest edition hit my mailbox this morning, and look what got a mention in the “Scribbler Shout-Outs” section! Thank you, guys! You can learn more about the Scribbler andContinue reading “Columbus Scribbler liked HEROIC: HEROES PAST”

“Talking Small Press Comics” reviews HEROES NOW #1

Larned Justin and Steve Keeter took a look at HEROES NOW #1 in their latest round of video reviews. Here’s the video, all cued up for you. Thank you for the kind words, guys. I’ll probably do something about burying the title page in future issues. Bigger picture, I can’t express how grateful I amContinue reading ““Talking Small Press Comics” reviews HEROES NOW #1″

Larned & Steve review Hologram #4

I’m back from SPACE, still collecting my thoughts, but I saw on YouTube that Steve Keeter and Larned Justin did a quick video review of Hologram #4 on their show. I have it cued up for you here: I greatly appreciate Larned and Steve giving the book some time for comment as it comes out.Continue reading “Larned & Steve review Hologram #4”

Alan Sissom reviews Heroic: Heroes Past

Alan Sissom, publisher of Collectors Link Fanzine and fellow United Fanzine Organization member, forwarded me his review of Heroic: Heroes Past from the latest UFO newsletter, Tetragrammaton Fragments #265. The USPS hasn’t seen fit to deliver my copy yet, so Alan’s generosity allows me a jump on what hopefully will be arriving any day now.Continue reading “Alan Sissom reviews Heroic: Heroes Past”

Larned Justin extended video review of Heroes Now: Patriot – Commentary Edition

Larned was kind enough to do a special video review of the brand new Commentary Edition. Take a look! Very cool. Thank you, Larned – and nice video editing work! If you want a copy of the Commentary Edition, I will tell you that I am VERY low on inventory and don’t have plans toContinue reading “Larned Justin extended video review of Heroes Now: Patriot – Commentary Edition”


The books are on the street, and former United Fanzine Organization Chairman and small press comics legend Jeff Wood got the first mention: I thanked Jeff for his kind mention, and he replied, “[T]hank you for the enjoyable books!” Small press publishing is fun! It’s a terrific challenge to make the books, but just asContinue reading “First HEROES NOW: PATRIOT & STRANGE TIMES mention!”

Best Hologram review ever?

Former United Fanzine Organization chair and small press publishing legend Jeff Wood is catching up on his pile of unread zines, and he’s dishing out the commentary and accolades as appropriate. Here’s his Hologram mention: “Freaky diary of an insubstantial man.” Love it! Speaking of our insubstantial man, William Caddell and I are doing ourContinue reading “Best Hologram review ever?”

Poopsheet Foundation’s Rick Bradford reviews

Rick Bradford is doing incredible work at his Poopsheet Foundation : 1. His searchable online minicomics database at – A MASSIVE collection of creators, publications and titles going back decades. 2. His online minicomics/small press store portal at, where you can get new and old zines alike. It’s like the Amazon of minicomics.!Continue reading “Poopsheet Foundation’s Rick Bradford reviews”

Small press legend Larry Johnson reviews Heroic: Heroes Past

Much like United Fanzine Organization Chair Steve Keeter, Larry Johnson has been making fanzines and small press comics since I was a toddler. (Probably earlier!) He remains prolific, with his books making a regular appearance in UFO member mailboxes and even a 200+ page collected edition of his Tales of Fantasy available for purchase. Larry’sContinue reading “Small press legend Larry Johnson reviews Heroic: Heroes Past”

UFO Chairman reviews Heroic: Heroes Past

Continuing the reviews of Heroic: Heroes Past from Tetragrammaton Fragments, the United Fanzine Organization newsletter, here’s Chairman Steve Keeter, a legend of fanzine publishing and a guy who’s been publishing since 50-year-old me was 2 years old! Needless to say, a positive review from “SKeeter” means a great deal. Rather than retype his words, here’sContinue reading “UFO Chairman reviews Heroic: Heroes Past”