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Labor Day means Phoenix books in progress

If you’re paid any attention over the past few months, I was laying low on comics since the SPACE 2022 show in Columbus. My goal: Get through the summer, enjoy it with the kids and then ramp it up once Labor Day hit. And that’s come to pass as expected. Well, kinda. I actually wasContinue reading “Labor Day means Phoenix books in progress”

A brief and overdue update

Hey comics-world! It feels like it’s been forever and a day since I had the flurry of activity concluding with the enjoyable S.P.A.C.E. show here in Columbus. Pro tip: The 2023 date and location are set! Mark your calendars! So while I am not blessed with time, I’ll do a quick and dirty rundown ofContinue reading “A brief and overdue update”

Post-SPACE wrapup – First show since ’87!

The 22nd Small Press & Alternative Comics Expo, aka SPACE, was held on May 21-22 at the Rhodes Center on the grounds of the Ohio State Fairgrounds. That’s the top-line explanation, but then there’s what happened inside. I’ll try to share what little I could see from my vantage point, as well as my personalContinue reading “Post-SPACE wrapup – First show since ’87!”

Video interview followup

I received a question the other day about the video interview I did with Larned and Steve on their Talking Small Press YouTube show. Specifically, it was related to the reasons why the other Kickstarter creators didn’t like the HEROES NOW: PATRIOT book. In a nutshell, it was the story. Technically, it was sound andContinue reading “Video interview followup”

BIG interview on Talking Small Press Comics!

Through a stroke of good fortune, I had the pleasure of speaking with Larned Justin and Steve Keeter, co-hosts of the Talking Small Press Comics show on YouTube. We covered the landscape over an hour in this video interview…everything from the 1980’s history of small press comics to Phoenix Productions books, my family and more.Continue reading “BIG interview on Talking Small Press Comics!”

2nd printings ordered; Digital prices lowered

Inventories are low enough that I’ve gone back to press for extra copies of the following: HEROES NOW: PATRIOT STRANGE TIMES #1 HEROES NOW: PATRIOT – COMMENTARY EDITION These second printings will allow me to keep the in-house inventory up while also putting me in a position to do shows should the opportunity present itself.Continue reading “2nd printings ordered; Digital prices lowered”

STRANGE TIMES #1 is Sold Out, still available digitally

Thanks in part to low print runs, high customer interest and USPS ineptitude (they lost 20% of my print run…sigh), Strange Times #1 is SOLD OUT for paper copies. At present, there are no plans to reprint the book. A major factor will be whether I choose to do comic shows like Columbus, Ohio’s S.P.A.C.E.Continue reading “STRANGE TIMES #1 is Sold Out, still available digitally”

Phoenix Productions books now on Gumroad

Quick note that the following books are now available in a brand-new Phoenix Productions store on the Gumroad service: Heroic: Heroes Past Heroes Now: Patriot Hologram #1-3 pack Strange Times #1 Plus, I tossed up a special extra that I haven’t even formally announced! All are in PDF format, all available to read right nowContinue reading “Phoenix Productions books now on Gumroad”