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HAPPYHOLIDAYS = EVERY book free this week!

THE SKINNY: Go to the Phoenix Productions Gumoad shop ( and use the HAPPYHOLIDAYS discount code to get EVERY single book in the Phoenix Productions library for free in PDF format through Christmas Day, December 25, 2022! WHAT HAPPENED: My printer didn’t come through. I was supposed to have HEROES NOW #2 & #3 asContinue reading “HAPPYHOLIDAYS = EVERY book free this week!”

What’s new at Phoenix?

Hey all, I’m back from Spring Break and am a bit more tan, slightly rested (but quickly losing ground on that front from long nights since returning) and am more than ready to get things rolling once again at Phoenix Productions! I thought it wise to share a little of what I’ve been up toContinue reading “What’s new at Phoenix?”


That’s right, kids! More PATRIOT! Seriously, some pre-release feedback suggested that this book was a little unique for today’s marketplace and, as a result, was a tad confusing for some readers. I thought it best to use the time immediately following the completion of the original HEROES NOW: PATRIOT book to jot down my thoughtsContinue reading “HEROES NOW: PATRIOT – COMMENTARY EDITION on sale NOW”

A very big few days

Since returning from vacation on Saturday night, I’ve: Unpacked and washed clothes for the family Grocery shopped Watched football Received unexpected and awesome character art for yet another Phoenix Productions character for the upcoming HEROIC: HEROES NOW anthology while watching football. Read a couple great reviews of HEROIC: HEROES PAST in the just-received Tetragrammaton FragmentsContinue reading “A very big few days”

The in-between days

The life of a self-publisher can be streaky. By that, I mean short bursts of lots of visible activity and then long(-ish) stretches of what looks like nothing. I’d say we’re in the latter, but that doesn’t mean nothing is happening. So how about an update? My flagship book, Hologram, is moving along at itsContinue reading “The in-between days”

Small press legend Larry Johnson reviews Heroic: Heroes Past

Much like United Fanzine Organization Chair Steve Keeter, Larry Johnson has been making fanzines and small press comics since I was a toddler. (Probably earlier!) He remains prolific, with his books making a regular appearance in UFO member mailboxes and even a 200+ page collected edition of his Tales of Fantasy available for purchase. Larry’sContinue reading “Small press legend Larry Johnson reviews Heroic: Heroes Past”

UFO Chairman reviews Heroic: Heroes Past

Continuing the reviews of Heroic: Heroes Past from Tetragrammaton Fragments, the United Fanzine Organization newsletter, here’s Chairman Steve Keeter, a legend of fanzine publishing and a guy who’s been publishing since 50-year-old me was 2 years old! Needless to say, a positive review from “SKeeter” means a great deal. Rather than retype his words, here’sContinue reading “UFO Chairman reviews Heroic: Heroes Past”

Heroic: Heroes Past review

Heroic: Heroes Past was circulated to members of the United Fanzine Organization co-op as part of my obligation as a member to share my books and review/comment on those sent to me. A few of the members were kind enough to offer their thoughts on the book in Tetragrammaton Fragments, the UFO’s bimonthly newsletter. VerlContinue reading “Heroic: Heroes Past review”

We got mail!

Much of the joy in self-publishing is the intrinsic satisfaction of creating something new, tangible and creative. But sharing that work is also fun, as is hearing what people think. The United Fanzine Organization is a co-op where members send copies of books and review/critique/support each other in our self-publishing journeys. The latest UFO NewsletterContinue reading “We got mail!”