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So we hit some snags. The perfectionist in me saw the digital proofs on HEROES NOW: PATRIOT and wasn’t happy with how some of the zip-a-tones looked. After working with the printer, I went back to artist Tony Lorenz with the news. We decided to go back to square one…Tony rescanned everything in a mannerContinue reading “Finally!”

Production snags

The best laid plans… I sent HEROES NOW: PATRIOT and STRANGE TIMES #1 off to the printer last week and received the digital proofs on Friday. STRANGE TIMES looks great. Totally ready to roll. PATRIOT, however, caused me to pause. The grey-tones that Tony Lorenz used were showing up as plaid on my screen. (AsContinue reading “Production snags”

The order is in – for TWO books!

Big day at Phoenix Productions! Both Heroes Now: Patriot and Strange Times #1 are off to the printer! Let’s take a look at these books’ covers, with plenty more to come about the books in the days ahead: These have been a long time coming, and I’m excited to show you what Tony, Alan andContinue reading “The order is in – for TWO books!”

A very big few days

Since returning from vacation on Saturday night, I’ve: Unpacked and washed clothes for the family Grocery shopped Watched football Received unexpected and awesome character art for yet another Phoenix Productions character for the upcoming HEROIC: HEROES NOW anthology while watching football. Read a couple great reviews of HEROIC: HEROES PAST in the just-received Tetragrammaton FragmentsContinue reading “A very big few days”

The in-between days

The life of a self-publisher can be streaky. By that, I mean short bursts of lots of visible activity and then long(-ish) stretches of what looks like nothing. I’d say we’re in the latter, but that doesn’t mean nothing is happening. So how about an update? My flagship book, Hologram, is moving along at itsContinue reading “The in-between days”