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We got mail!

Much of the joy in self-publishing is the intrinsic satisfaction of creating something new, tangible and creative. But sharing that work is also fun, as is hearing what people think. The United Fanzine Organization is a co-op where members send copies of books and review/critique/support each other in our self-publishing journeys. The latest UFO NewsletterContinue reading “We got mail!”


After months of planning and scanning, of reaching out to long-lost acquaintances and rebuilding friendships, of hours on InDesign and Photoshop…HEROIC: HEROES PAST is here! The book is 90 pages including glossy, full color covers and inside front covers with black and white interiors. Content covers my hero writing from the 80’s with art by:Continue reading “HEROIC: HEROES PAST is here!”

Fandom scans are (all but) done

I thought that Fandom, with their 40+ page counts per issue, would be a bear to scan and load. Surprisingly, I found it much easier than anticipated. That means I have issues 1-4 uploaded and available to read in the Library! Issue #5 was officially a Synapse Comics publication, so I need to consult withContinue reading “Fandom scans are (all but) done”