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After months of planning and scanning, of reaching out to long-lost acquaintances and rebuilding friendships, of hours on InDesign and Photoshop…HEROIC: HEROES PAST is here! The book is 90 pages including glossy, full color covers and inside front covers with black and white interiors. Content covers my hero writing from the 80’s with art by:Continue reading “HEROIC: HEROES PAST is here!”

Heroic: Heroes Past proofs are in hand

This is not a drill. I actually have digital proofs of Heroic: Heroes now. Only one minor tweak as best I can see, but I’m giving Matt Kanaracus a chance to look it over before green-lighting the presses. It’s only fair, seeing as a healthy portion of the book was drawn by his pen…over 30Continue reading “Heroic: Heroes Past proofs are in hand”

Not gonna jinx anything!

It’s been a little while since I wrote with an update on the status of new projects. (The old collection has been entirely bagged and packaged into manageable boxes…that took a week-plus.) And while I don’t want to screw up the system, here are some intentionally vague tidbits: Collected edition of older books – AContinue reading “Not gonna jinx anything!”

The (rough) plan going forward

(Excerpted from a personal statement of direction/purpose) As background, I wrote a few small press comic book stories back in the 1980’s. I have 4 characters where I have clear creative rights: Patriot (Patriot 1, c. 1987) — A fascist Captain America of sorts with a young sidekick. Lots of Red Scare spy stuff. TheContinue reading “The (rough) plan going forward”