One day left to pre-order Teri S. Wood’s Accelerator Artist Edition

Total price for this package is five dollars, which is the exact same price that Heroes Now #2 will cost including shipping. Pre-ordering basically gets you a free Artist Edition package that will never be printed again! For more on the book and the offer, click on this prior post. To jump straight to theContinue reading “One day left to pre-order Teri S. Wood’s Accelerator Artist Edition”

Accelerator Artist Edition pre-orders open through Sept. 15

Phoenix Productions and Teri Sue Wood invite you to celebrate her return to comic sequential art after 20 years with a special Artist Edition package containing the forthcoming “Accelerator” story in Phoenix’s Heroes Now #2 and signed/numbered Accelerator bookmark.   Teri Sue Wood is the creator, author and illustrator of the acclaimed 21-issue “The Wandering Star”Continue reading “Accelerator Artist Edition pre-orders open through Sept. 15”

HEROES NOW #1 is here!

Just in time for a debut at SPACE (Small Press/Alternative Comics Expo) on May 21-22 in Columbus, Ohio! It’s the premiere issue of the Phoenix Productions hero anthology, bringing the classic 1980s heroes into the modern day! Building upon the stories told in HEROIC: HEROES PAST, HEROES NOW: PATRIOT and HOLOGRAM, this anthology continues theContinue reading “HEROES NOW #1 is here!”

HEROES NOW #1 is at the printer!

Everyone has signed off, the bill has been paid, the files have been uploaded…so it’s time to announce HEROES NOW #1! All along, my goal was to release the HEROIC: HEROES PAST retrospective and then settle in with three regular books: 1) The HOLOGRAM mincomic, 2) The STRANGE TIMES “anything goes” anthology, and 3) HEROESContinue reading “HEROES NOW #1 is at the printer!”

What’s new at Phoenix?

Hey all, I’m back from Spring Break and am a bit more tan, slightly rested (but quickly losing ground on that front from long nights since returning) and am more than ready to get things rolling once again at Phoenix Productions! I thought it wise to share a little of what I’ve been up toContinue reading “What’s new at Phoenix?”

When it rains, it pours (in a good way)

Huge day on the Phoenix Productions front: Tony Lorenz handed in the last three pages of Patriot today. We have a couple pages to clean up, but the book is basically done. 33 pages of story! Alan Groening and I are one page plus a technical correction away from being done with Strange Times #1.Continue reading “When it rains, it pours (in a good way)”

The in-between days

The life of a self-publisher can be streaky. By that, I mean short bursts of lots of visible activity and then long(-ish) stretches of what looks like nothing. I’d say we’re in the latter, but that doesn’t mean nothing is happening. So how about an update? My flagship book, Hologram, is moving along at itsContinue reading “The in-between days”


After months of planning and scanning, of reaching out to long-lost acquaintances and rebuilding friendships, of hours on InDesign and Photoshop…HEROIC: HEROES PAST is here! The book is 90 pages including glossy, full color covers and inside front covers with black and white interiors. Content covers my hero writing from the 80’s with art by:Continue reading “HEROIC: HEROES PAST is here!”

Heroic: Heroes Past proofs are in hand

This is not a drill. I actually have digital proofs of Heroic: Heroes now. Only one minor tweak as best I can see, but I’m giving Matt Kanaracus a chance to look it over before green-lighting the presses. It’s only fair, seeing as a healthy portion of the book was drawn by his pen…over 30Continue reading “Heroic: Heroes Past proofs are in hand”

Not gonna jinx anything!

It’s been a little while since I wrote with an update on the status of new projects. (The old collection has been entirely bagged and packaged into manageable boxes…that took a week-plus.) And while I don’t want to screw up the system, here are some intentionally vague tidbits: Collected edition of older books – AContinue reading “Not gonna jinx anything!”

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