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If you are looking for copies of newer Phoenix Productions titles, including Heroes Past, Heroes Now: Patriot, Heroes Now and Strange Times, you can get them in paper form through the Order tab at the top of the page or in PDF form at the Phoenix Productions Gumroad store.

(Hologram also is available via those links, but you can read PDFs immediately below. You’re welcome.)


About Hologram

My first new title since 1988, the “Counting the Days” story will run for 12 issues digitally and then will be collected on paper at the conclusion of chapter 12.

The origin story, from Ka-Blam! #1, is here. The modern day series picks up from there.

A few additional thoughts on Hologram in this pre-launch post, then the story itself…

HEROIC: Heroes Past

This book is a compilation of my past hero stories, all of which are available below. But let’s spare you the digging; here are the links to the stories!

The 90-page softcover book has additional content (new artwork from original artists, scans of original scripts and even an incomplete, unpublished Patriot story), and you can arrange to purchase a copy for $15 postage paid through the “Contact” tab at the top of every page on this site.

Vintage Phoenix Productions

My original books were published between 1986 and 1988. They are long since out of print, but I have digitized my (sole) copies for your reading enjoyment.

Please pardon the editing limitations of my scanning software. It’s not the prettiest, but the books/stories are fully scanned. That said, the scanner itself is very capable, meaning that poor reproduction quality on scans probably is a function of poor quality photocopy originals.

And no, I’m not going to tear staples out for the sake of scanning. 🙂

[Quasi-legalese – All scans are copyright the original publishers or their heirs. No reproduction or reprinting of these digital documents are allowed without express written consent of the publisher and all other copyright holders as identified in the documents themselves.]


Fandom served as a news and review zine. Phoenix Productions published the first four issues, and the fifth was published by Matt Kanaracus’ Synapse Comics.


Heroic was a book devoted to the super-hero genre in comics of all sizes and circulations. You would find art and stories from the small press world mixed with pinup art and interviews with independent comic creators.

  • Heroic 1 – Cover by Steve Woron; “Mazer” by Jim Pack
  • Heroic 2 – Cover by Mark Marderosian; “Superhero Frog!” by Matt Levin, “Razor: Eternal Darkness” by Donald Tenney; Pinup art by Tom Linehan and Brian Waters
  • Heroic 3 – Cover by Vince Stone; Will Shetterly (“Captain Confederacy”) interview, “Razor: Bloodline” by Donald Tenney; Pinup art by Jeff Wood and Vince Stone
  • Heroic 4 – Cover by David Tryzenski; “Razor: The Chosen One” by Donald Tenney, “Snowbuni in Changing of the Guard” by Jeff Wood; Pinup art by Brian Waters and Barry Brandon
  • Heroic 5 – Cover by Mark Bernard; “Battle Mecha: Lone Blue” by Mark Bernard
  • Heroic 6 – Cover by Ryan Brown; Ryan Brown/Jim Lawson (“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”/Mirage Studios) interview, “Laser-Disc” by Tom Fellrath and David Tryzenski; Pinup art by Jim Lawson
  • Heroic 7 – Cover by Chuck Haspel & Allen Freeman; “Nightstar in Turn Turn Turn” by Larry Blake, “The Beacon Meets The Plumber” by Steve Keeter and Steve Shipley, “Accelerator” by Tom Fellrath and Scott McClung; Pinup art by Larry Blake & Quinton Hoover

Mass Press books

The Mass Press was an alliance of small press publishers throughout Massachusetts who worked to promote the medium in the Bay State and their books throughout the wider network of small press readers.

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