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A brief and overdue update

Hey comics-world! It feels like it’s been forever and a day since I had the flurry of activity concluding with the enjoyable S.P.A.C.E. show here in Columbus. Pro tip: The 2023 date and location are set! Mark your calendars! So while I am not blessed with time, I’ll do a quick and dirty rundown ofContinue reading “A brief and overdue update”

Calling for Submissions: Strange Times #2

“Who Are You?” That’s the theme for the second issue of Strange Times, our “anything goes” anthology. The idea of “Who Are You” is tied up in the conversations of our day about identity. Red and blue. Rich and poor. Fat and slim. Black and white and red and orange and purple. It seems thatContinue reading “Calling for Submissions: Strange Times #2”

“Talking Small Press Comics” reviews HEROES NOW #1

Larned Justin and Steve Keeter took a look at HEROES NOW #1 in their latest round of video reviews. Here’s the video, all cued up for you. Thank you for the kind words, guys. I’ll probably do something about burying the title page in future issues. Bigger picture, I can’t express how grateful I amContinue reading ““Talking Small Press Comics” reviews HEROES NOW #1″

Post-SPACE wrapup – First show since ’87!

The 22nd Small Press & Alternative Comics Expo, aka SPACE, was held on May 21-22 at the Rhodes Center on the grounds of the Ohio State Fairgrounds. That’s the top-line explanation, but then there’s what happened inside. I’ll try to share what little I could see from my vantage point, as well as my personalContinue reading “Post-SPACE wrapup – First show since ’87!”

Larned & Steve review Hologram #4

I’m back from SPACE, still collecting my thoughts, but I saw on YouTube that Steve Keeter and Larned Justin did a quick video review of Hologram #4 on their show. I have it cued up for you here: I greatly appreciate Larned and Steve giving the book some time for comment as it comes out.Continue reading “Larned & Steve review Hologram #4”