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Not gonna jinx anything!

It’s been a little while since I wrote with an update on the status of new projects. (The old collection has been entirely bagged and packaged into manageable boxes…that took a week-plus.) And while I don’t want to screw up the system, here are some intentionally vague tidbits: Collected edition of older books – AContinue reading “Not gonna jinx anything!”

Self-portrait & Mass Press retrospective

I’ve been rummaging through my old minicomics – bagging, to be honest, as they’re now old enough that they may have some value to someone in the collector or academic worlds – and stumbled across Outside In #27. Published by Edd Vick with help from Hal Hargit out of Seattle, this series filled itself withContinue reading “Self-portrait & Mass Press retrospective”

You gotta look in the right places

One of the biggest challenges in reentering the small press field — or entering ANY field in any industry, for that matter — is figuring out where “your people” hang out. When I was selling commercial insurance, it was the country clubs and golf courses. When I was in politics, it was that favorite wateringContinue reading “You gotta look in the right places”

Fandom scans are (all but) done

I thought that Fandom, with their 40+ page counts per issue, would be a bear to scan and load. Surprisingly, I found it much easier than anticipated. That means I have issues 1-4 uploaded and available to read in the Library! Issue #5 was officially a Synapse Comics publication, so I need to consult withContinue reading “Fandom scans are (all but) done”

United Fanzine Organization

At the urging of Chairman Steve Keeter, I placed my name in for consideration as a member of the long-running (and personally beloved) United Fanzine Organization. The U.F.O., as members call it, is “a co-op of small-press publishers who mutually aid each other in the promotion and production of their titles, and the promotion ofContinue reading “United Fanzine Organization”