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Call for Submissions: STRANGE TIMES 4

It’s time to start planning the next big anthology issue of Strange Times, and the theme of this issue will be “The Road Back”. We’re talking about the road. The literal road home. The road to recovery. The chain gang doing time along the side of the road. The road to reestablishing one’s roots. TheContinue reading “Call for Submissions: STRANGE TIMES 4”

“Talking Small Press” on Hologram 7

Larned Justin and Steve Keeter offer their observations about Hologram 7. I always appreciate their mentions as their show is one of the pieces of glue holding our network of small press comics and zine publishers together. If you haven’t subscribed to their channel, you really should. Steve and Larned are doing yeoman’s work inContinue reading ““Talking Small Press” on Hologram 7″

UFO Award notations on covers

Some minor housekeeping: Covers for our 2022 United Fanzine Organization titles have been updated to reflect the recently-announced 2023 UFO Awards. Check out the fancy ribbon graphics! Digital files in the Gumroad store have been updated as well. Should I reprint these titles, they will get the new covers. Current printings get a slightly lessContinue reading “UFO Award notations on covers”

The most amazing review of Strange Times #2

Being a member of the United Fanzine Organization co-op is a joy. Honest, it is. At it’s core, it does two things: 1. Provides a vehicle for members to mutually promote each others’ works, and 2. Through sharing complimentary copies of our works, give members a platform through the Tetragrammaton Fragments newsletter to review theContinue reading “The most amazing review of Strange Times #2”

Phoenix Productions nets FOUR 2023 UFO Awards!

FOUR Saucers! I’m totally amazed and humbled. It’s flattering that the members of the United Fanzine Organization, whom I respect so much, chose to award me thusly. 2022 was GREAT, and hopefully 2023 will be just as strong! And massive congratulations to Tony Lorenz for his award as Best Sequential Artist and to Larry JohnsonContinue reading “Phoenix Productions nets FOUR 2023 UFO Awards!”

Small Press Interview: The Grand Experiment!

Time and time again, I hear “How can I get more people to know about my comics?” (or zines…same thing for this purpose). There are many possible answers, but I’ll throw one out for the good of the conversation: We need to leverage each others’ networks. Meet Small Press Interview. Small Press Interview is anContinue reading “Small Press Interview: The Grand Experiment!”

Strange Times #2 reviews!

As mentioned in the post with Heroes Now #2 and 3 reviews, the United Fanzine Organization (Website, Facebook group) members review the latest UFO-branded publications from their fellow members in the Tetragrammaton Fragments newsletter. Issue #269 had reviews of the two Heroes Now books as well as Strange Times #2. Strange Times #2 was aContinue reading “Strange Times #2 reviews!”