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Feazell’s Hero Gallery: IN COLOR!

Fred Hembeck kicked off the Hero Gallery feature of HEROES NOW in our second issue, and it turned out great! For the third issue, I present the legendary creator of Cynicalman, Matt Feazell! I met him at the S.P.A.C.E. 2022 show in Columbus, Ohio back in May, and he was kind enough to offer hisContinue reading “Feazell’s Hero Gallery: IN COLOR!”

Hembeck Hero Gallery: IN COLOR!

One of the fun things about having your own little stable of characters is that you can “play” with them. By that, I mean that you can interpret them in any darned way you want. I’ve used the Heroes Now anthology series to do just that. Past that, there’s the Hero Gallery. It’ll be aContinue reading “Hembeck Hero Gallery: IN COLOR!”

The joy of the holidays

[Remember: Use the HAPPYHOLIDAYS discount code at to download FREE PDF copies of every single Phoenix Productions book! Happy Holidays to you and yours!] I love holiday cards. I know that they’re increasingly out of vogue, what with social media and all removing the need to send that annual update (with kid pictures —Continue reading “The joy of the holidays”

HAPPYHOLIDAYS = EVERY book free this week!

THE SKINNY: Go to the Phoenix Productions Gumoad shop ( and use the HAPPYHOLIDAYS discount code to get EVERY single book in the Phoenix Productions library for free in PDF format through Christmas Day, December 25, 2022! WHAT HAPPENED: My printer didn’t come through. I was supposed to have HEROES NOW #2 & #3 asContinue reading “HAPPYHOLIDAYS = EVERY book free this week!”

PREVIEW: Heroes Now #3!

[With the news that the books have been printed and shipped, it’s time to talk about them! Here’s the last of the three…] It’s our first-ever holiday issue! Jingle all the way. Contents in this issue include the following: 36 pages, full color cover wrap with black and white interiors. $5 + $1 postage. OrContinue reading “PREVIEW: Heroes Now #3!”

PREVIEW: Strange Times #2!

[With news that the books have been printed and shipped, it’s time to talk about them! Here’s the second book…] The Phoenix Productions “anything goes” anthology checks in with our largest and most elaborate issue as ten contributors offer their unique takes on the existential question: “Who are you?” Contents in this issue include theContinue reading “PREVIEW: Strange Times #2!”

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! It’s an extra special one here; permit me to explain. On June 29, I had my overdue colonoscopy. My surgeon discovered 2 tumors, a benign one the size of a tennis ball and another, 5cm long, lining part of my large intestine that was precancerous. He immediately extracted the tennis ball. Two weeksContinue reading “Happy Thanksgiving!”