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HAPPYHOLIDAYS = EVERY book free this week!

THE SKINNY: Go to the Phoenix Productions Gumoad shop ( and use the HAPPYHOLIDAYS discount code to get EVERY single book in the Phoenix Productions library for free in PDF format through Christmas Day, December 25, 2022!

WHAT HAPPENED: My printer didn’t come through. I was supposed to have HEROES NOW #2 & #3 as well as STRANGE TIMES #2 in hand last Wednesday, December 14. They forgot to put STRANGE TIMES #2 in the box.

I’ve called my printer on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to see if they can get this book – which I was assured WAS printed – into a box and on the truck. Each time, I was assured that it happened. To date, I have no shipping tracking number.

HEROES NOW #3 is a holiday issue. Not making it available before Christmas defeats the purpose of the issue. Yet crazy postage costs mean that I am punishing myself financially to send the books that are finished and then ship STRANGE TIMES #2 later.

So I decided to make lemonade out of lemons. Everything’s free in PDF format this week through the Gumroad store. That’s a couple hundred pages of the finest small press comics content you’ll come across. I’ll worry about the shipping when STRANGE TIMES #2 eventually arrives.

Go nuts, everyone. Share in the fun of The Light’s entertaining holiday story. Read the entire Patriot/Patriots arc – HEROES PAST to PATRIOT to HEROES NOW – for free. Or do the Accelerator origin and return – HEROES PAST to HEROES NOW – for giggles.

And, of course, check out STRANGE TIMES. Issue 1’s Alan Groening spotlight is great…and the “Who Are You”-themed second issue is an incredible combination of talents.

It’s my present to you. Happy Holidays, indeed!


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