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PREVIEW: Heroes Now #3!

[With the news that the books have been printed and shipped, it’s time to talk about them! Here’s the last of the three…]

It’s our first-ever holiday issue! Jingle all the way. Contents in this issue include the following:

  • Cover by David Baf Gallart – The homage covers continue with a particularly inspired rendition of Los Bros Hernandez’s Love and Rockets #1!
  • Holiday-themed pinups by Tom AhearnTeri Sue Wood and John Muller!
  • The pentultimate installment of the first arc of The Patriots — “Contact”. Tony Lorenz draws a jet dogfight, a Middle East incursion and…what exactly is that in the last panel?
  • The Hero Gallery rolls on with perhaps THE small press cartoonist of them all Matt Feazell drew up some convention sketch cards at the S.P.A.C.E. 2022 show with his inimitable versions of the Phoenix Productions characters! (The color renditions will be posted here at the website in the days ahead.)
  • The Light is back! Rob Cooley draws “Holiday Lights,” a holiday tale in the vein of the comics of our youth. The Light meets some young fans and tries to save Capital City’s Christmas at the same time!

36 pages, full color cover wrap with black and white interiors. $5 + $1 postage. Or you can read it right now in PDF format, your call!


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