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PREVIEW: Strange Times #2!

[With news that the books have been printed and shipped, it’s time to talk about them! Here’s the second book…]

The Phoenix Productions “anything goes” anthology checks in with our largest and most elaborate issue as ten contributors offer their unique takes on the existential question: “Who are you?” Contents in this issue include the following:

  • Cover, a couple pinups and two short stories illustrated by Larned Justin.
  • A poignant and personal short by Joseph Morris.
  • Two amazing pen illustrations by Guido Visión.
  • A soul-searching piece by iestyn.
  • Dream journals by Cutch Tuttle.
  • An extensive overview of the Stray Toasters Project by Andrew Rosenbarger.
  • A fun interpretation of the theme by Verl Holt Bond.
  • A very personal take by Michael Waggoner.
  • A searing gallery outlining his pain as a father in helping his son through brain cancer treatment by Keith Newsome.

48 full-size, full color magazine pages. $6 + $1 postage. Or you can read it right now in PDF form!

Some of the content may be challenging for younger readers, so this magazine is recommended for Mature Audiences.


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