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PREVIEW: Heroes Now #2!

[With news that the books have been printed and shipped, it’s time to talk about them! Here’s the first book…]

Continuing the Phoenix Productions stories that started over 30 years ago (see: Heroic: Heroes Past) and continue today with Heroes Now: Patriot, Heroes Now is a hero-based anthology written by me and drawn by some of the finest artists I know.

Contents in this issue include the following:

  • Cover and interior pinup by David Baf Gallart – I’m especially pleased to continue the “classic comics” homage cover theme started with Heroes Now #1‘s Youngblood homage. This time, David does his take on Kevin Maguire’s timeless Justice League #1 cover. The pinup includes Laser-Disc and Accelerator!
  • Two great looking pinups by Keith Newsome – One of Laser-Disc and one of The Light.
  • The second installment of The Patriots — “Getting to Know You” — where we learn the backstory of the newest members of the team. Tony Lorenz (pencils) and Tom Ahearn (inks) deftly jump from war-torn Africa to the south side of Chicago to classic hero tales…all from a jet flying at 30,000 feet!
  • A special treat, our new semi-recurring feature, the Hero Gallery! Legendary Marvel Comics cartoonist Fred Hembeck offers his sketch card-illustrated take on the classic Phoenix Productions characters! (The color renditions will be posted here at the website in the days ahead.)
  • And in an inexcusable case of burying the lede, it’s the return to comic sequential art after 20 years of Teri Sue Wood with an incredibly drawn Accelerator story — “Active Shooter”! Our stay-at-home mom comes home from helping with storm victims in Iowa to a whole new set of challenges, both on her front doorstep and in her community! (Teri’s artwork is available right now at the Gumroad Store in a special text-free format with a sprinkling of process art and a bonus TSW pinup.)

28 pages, full color cover wrap with black and white interiors. $4 + $1 postage. Or you can save the shipping and get the PDF right now.


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