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The books are at the printer!

This is not a drill…both HEROES NOW #2 and STRANGE TIMES #2 are at the printer.

STRANGE TIMES #2 – The “anything goes” anthology attempts to tackle the “WHO ARE YOU” question with fun, poignant, odd, painful and deeply human interpretations of the theme. 48 page magazine, full color. Contributors include:

  • Larned Justin (who drew the cover)
  • Joseph Morris
  • Guido Visión
  • Iestyn (Iesorno Zines from Facebook)
  • Cutch Tuttle
  • Andrew Rosenbarger
  • Verl Holt Bond
  • Michael Waggoner
  • Keith Newsome

HEROES NOW #2 – The Phoenix Productions hero story anthology continues with the following with 28 pages of digest-sized excitement (color cover wrap, black and white interiors):

  • Cover and pinup by David Baf Gallart
  • Pinups by Keith Newsome
  • THE PATRIOTS Part 2 by Tom Fellrath, Tony Lorenz & Tom Ahearn
  • ACCELERATOR “Finding My Way” by Tom Fellrath & Teri Sue Wood (returning to sequential art comics after over 20 years away!)
  • A special extra feature launches this issue – but it’s a surprise!

Hopefully, the books will be ready to go before Thanksgiving. They have to be proofed, and I have a scheduling hurdle to overcome. But they are in the works!


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