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Has it been a month?

Lordy lordy, I can’t believe so much time has past between posts!

Not that my problems are your problems, but I’ve had some health issues. Back on September 23, I sent this note out to my contributor friends…

Yeah, about that.

I was all ready to go on September 29, on the gurney…IV drip inserted…and then couldn’t get into a surgical suite. Two organ harvests and an ambulance-delivered trauma case took precedence. So they pulled the needle out, told me to get dressed and sent me home. Surgery has been rescheduled for November 8.

I’m feeling fine right now – not thrilled about having to do the prep for a second time, and even less thrilled about having this precancerous time bomb inside me for another month -plus, but them’s the breaks.

That said, let’s talk about the books.

  • Strange Times #2 is finished and is waiting to be sent to the printer. It’s an exciting zine, pushing my limits in terms of contributors, design, content and…well, everything.
  • Heroes Now #2 should be finished any day now. As soon as it’s done, I’ll send both that and Strange Times #2 to the printer as stated above.
  • [My hope is that my convalescent time and the printing time for the two books to overlap so I can mail books out as soon as I feel up to it.]
  • Heroes Now #3 is well along, with two stories and a few pinups to spice it up. Part three of The Patriots four-parter…and the return to print of The Light! Let’s see if we can get it out during the holiday season, whaddya say?
  • Hologram #6 is out, and you can read the PDF here. Or you can order a physical copy here.
  • Hologram #7 is a slightly larger issue – 12 pages – and William Caddell and I are experimenting with a slightly different illustration technique. We’re not rushing this one, because it’ll be really cool if we can pull it off.
  • The Accelerator Artist Edition was printed and mailed, and Teri Sue Wood is getting the warm reception that she richly deserves. I’ll post it digitally on the Gumroad store soon.

And I believe that covers the landscape, publishing-wise.

I’m also participating in Inktober, which readers should find hilarious as I’m not really much of an artist. But I’m doing it with my daughter, and we’re having a good time, so that’s what’s important. I’ll probably assemble the daily drawings into a free PDF once the month is up.

Sorry for the lack of updates. It’s not for lack of activity, that’s for sure. I look forward to sharing much more from Phoenix Productions in the days ahead!!


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