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One day left to pre-order Teri S. Wood’s Accelerator Artist Edition

Tomorrow’s the final day to pre-order the Artist Edition of Teri Sue Wood and my Accelerator story which will appear in full in Heroes Now #2. This is pre-order ONLY, no additional printings will be offered after orders close at 11:59PM EDT on September 15, 2022.

The Artist Edition package contains the following:

  • One mailing, planned to be shipped before the end of September, containing…
    • 12-page, digest-sized, photocopied comic
    • Teri’s eight pages of artwork with no text captions or word balloons — allowing you to appreciate her artwork with no impediments
    • Cover with Teri’s first-ever character sketch of Accelerator (which you can kinda see if you squint real hard at the image in this post…)
    • Process art from the construction of the story
    • Original back cover by Teri.
    • Also, a TSW-signed bookmark with another unique Accelerator design
  • Upon release (estimated October), a copy of Heroes Now #2 with the full story accompanied by full text… not to mention other great content in a professionally printed, digest-sized book with color cover wrap, a Patriots story installment, pinups and even a little surprise section!

Total price for this package is five dollars, which is the exact same price that Heroes Now #2 will cost including shipping. Pre-ordering basically gets you a free Artist Edition package that will never be printed again!

For more on the book and the offer, click on this prior post.

To jump straight to the order form, click here.


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