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Labor Day means Phoenix books in progress

If you’re paid any attention over the past few months, I was laying low on comics since the SPACE 2022 show in Columbus. My goal: Get through the summer, enjoy it with the kids and then ramp it up once Labor Day hit. And that’s come to pass as expected.

Well, kinda.

I actually was able to lay groundwork for new issues of Phoenix’s three titles: Heroes Now, Strange Times and Hologram.

  • Heroes Now #2 is down to one story getting inked and a cover tweak. #3’s story plots and scripts are off with the artists.
  • Hologram #6 is all but complete, and #7 looks to be a pretty cool issue with some interesting art innovations.
  • Strange Times #2 had a soft submission deadline of today, and well over half the book is already laid out. I am going to make some design tweaks once everything is in, but that shouldn’t take long.

I have some big medical stuff happening at the end of September, so I’m hoping to get all three to the printers before I take a physician-enforced hiatus.

Getting excited to share the next round of zines with you!


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