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Accelerator Artist Edition pre-orders open through Sept. 15

Phoenix Productions and Teri Sue Wood invite you to celebrate her return to comic sequential art after 20 years with a special Artist Edition package containing the forthcoming “Accelerator” story in Phoenix’s Heroes Now #2 and signed/numbered Accelerator bookmark.  

Teri Sue Wood is the creator, author and illustrator of the acclaimed 21-issue “The Wandering Star” comic book series that ran from 1993-1997, since having been collected into three paperback volumes by Sirius Entertainment in 1998 and a single 496-page omnibus by Dover Publications in 2016.  Beyond that, Teri contributed “The Cartoonist” strip to Fantagraphics’ “Amazing Heroes” magazine and created other print and webcomics.  

Accelerator is a classic “hero” character, one with lightning speed and super-strong skin, developed in the 1980s by Phoenix publisher Tom Fellrath.  She has emerged in the 2020s as an empty nest wife and mother of two college-age children with time to burn…and chooses to return to heroics as a way to serve her community once again.  

The Accelerator Artist Edition is a 12-page, photocopied, digest-sized “ashcan” with the 8-page story and four additional pages of art and commentary that will not be published elsewhere.  This edition will be printed without any lettering in order to allow Teri’s fans the opportunity to enjoy her complete work – no word balloons, captions, etc. (But Teri did add a couple sound effects, which will be included to stay faithful to her work.)

Heroes Now #2 is a 28-page, professionally printed, digest-sized magazine with full color cover wrap and b/w interiors.  It will contain the full Accelerator story with Fellrath’s accompanying text, allowing for a complementary reading experience.  

The Accelerator bookmark, laser-printed on heavy paper stock, has a new Accelerator image (featured in this post) and will be signed and numbered by Teri S Wood.

Cost for this package will be $5.00 USD, payable via PayPal to  The Artist Edition and bookmark will ship before the end of September 2022.  Heroes Now #2 will ship later in Fall 2022.  (Heroes Now #2 will cost $5.00 USD postage-paid, functionally making the Art-only Edition free to those who pre-order.)  

Pre-orders can be made here through September 15, 2022: 

This is a limited offer.  There will only be one physical printing of the Artist Edition.  Paper copies of the Art-only Edition will ONLY be available via pre-order.  Digital copies will be available, at additional cost, once Heroes Now #2 is released.

All questions should be directed to Tom Fellrath at  Thank you!


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