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A brief and overdue update

Hey comics-world! It feels like it’s been forever and a day since I had the flurry of activity concluding with the enjoyable S.P.A.C.E. show here in Columbus.

Pro tip: The 2023 date and location are set! Mark your calendars!

So while I am not blessed with time, I’ll do a quick and dirty rundown of where things stand on my forthcoming publications:

  • Heroes Now #2 is underway, with Tony Lorenz continuing the Patriots four-part story and Resa Challender aka Teri Sue Wood returning to comics for the next chapter in Accelerator’s tale. (Click that link to see her take on our favorite speedster!) David Baf Gallart is likely to return on cover duties, and there will be some additional pinup art and one special surprise for those who enjoy a little playfulness in their heroes.
  • Strange Times #2 also is in progress. It’s a more pure anthology book this time around, more like what I expected Strange Times to be, and we’ll have a number of contributors working around a theme of “Who Are You?” Ten contributors, I think…?
  • Hologram #6 is moving along, and this issue will mark the halfway point of the “Counting The Days” story arc.

There are a couple of other things happening, but nothing far enough along to warrant comment.

As a stay-at-home dad, I knew summertime would mean that the comics side of my life was going to take a backseat to travel/vacation, dad taxi and general oversight of my kids. Comics, in my household, appears to be a school year affair with minimal work on my part while the kids are home. So I’ve done my best to plant the right seeds to allow me to jump right back in come Labor Day.

I’ll be off for The Big Family Summer Vacation at the end of the month, then getting the kiddos ready for 9th, 4th and 4th grades. Enjoy the rest of your summer, and I’m sure we will reconnect in earnest as August winds down.


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