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Calling for Submissions: Strange Times #2

“Who Are You?”

That’s the theme for the second issue of Strange Times, our “anything goes” anthology. The idea of “Who Are You” is tied up in the conversations of our day about identity. Red and blue. Rich and poor. Fat and slim. Black and white and red and orange and purple. It seems that our society just loves to slice and subdivide ourselves into nice little categories.

And I’d like to use Strange Times to blow that up.

We each are individuals. We each have stories to tell that reveal insights as to who we are. I’d like to share those.

Stories can also be told about those of us who rise above stereotyping to speak to the humanity in everyone. Real or fictional, matters not.

I can easily see illustrations, short strips or multipage stories. Larned Justin already has a cover, and we did a short 2-pager together. I’d love to add your work to the mix.

Logistics-wise: The book will be black and white and magazine size (8″x10.5″). I’m hoping to have it go to press around Labor Day.

If you’re interested in this, drop me a line. No idea is too timid or too crazy in pursuit of the theme.

You can reach me through the “Contact” page on this site or drop me a message at the Phoenix Productions pages on Facebook or Twitter.

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