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Hologram #5 is live

It’s been a touch and go, but that’s par for the course with Joe’s life since he was transformed into…whatever he’s become…back in 1988. But we did it! HOLOGRAM #5 will be ready for SPACE 2022 as well!

Chapter 5 of our Counting the Days arc begins with the office fallout from Joe’s accident, gives a glimpse of the superhero we know he can be and, well, continues to document life on the homefront.

And there’s a special treat to close it out, one of William Caddell’s finest pages for this series. Life might not be perfect for Joe, but it does have it’s magic moments.

You have the option of reading HOLOGRAM #5 in PDF format right here, ordering a paper copy here, or picking up a copy at SPACE 2022. However you choose, I hope you enjoy!

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