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HEROES NOW #1 is at the printer!

Everyone has signed off, the bill has been paid, the files have been uploaded…so it’s time to announce HEROES NOW #1!

All along, my goal was to release the HEROIC: HEROES PAST retrospective and then settle in with three regular books: 1) The HOLOGRAM mincomic, 2) The STRANGE TIMES “anything goes” anthology, and 3) HEROES NOW – the hero anthology. There always will be special books, like HEROES NOW: PATRIOT and its COMMENTARY EDITION, but I think we’ve made it!

I just placed the order for HEROES NOW #1 with an eye toward debuting it at the SPACE (the Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo) in Columbus on May 21 and 22, 2022. And it’s a great looking premiere, with a dynamite lineup of talented creators:

  • Cover by David Baf Gallart
  • Accelerator story with art by original character artist Scott McClung
  • HEROES NOW: PATRIOT continuing story with art by Tony Lorenz
  • Full-page character illustrations by Guido-Visión, Teri Sue Wood aka Resa Challender, Lance “Doc” Boucher and Scott McClung

This title will be a lot of fun. A bunch of 80s heroes have been brought into the 2020’s. They’ve grown up/older, they’ve changed…their worlds have changed…and we get to both figure out what happened AND tell their stories going forward! As HEROES NOW: PATRIOT has shown, some characters come…and some go. It’s a dynamic little universe, filled with the moments that make us celebrate our heroes.

All told, HEROES NOW #1 has 24 pages of hero action and inspiration, professionally printed in 5.5″ x 8.5″ digest size with full color, 100# glossy card stock wrap and 70# uncoated b/w interiors (Same as the first printings of HEROES NOW: PATRIOT and STRANGE TIMES). Cover price is $4.00, and the digest size means I can ship it for only $1.00! The book also will be available in PDF form at the Phoenix Productions Gumroad shop as well upon release.

Less than 3 weeks away!

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