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Every time you see that little UFO logo on the cover of a small press publication, you know it’s published by a member of the United Fanzine Organization. The UFO is one of the longest-running fanzine co-ops in history, and I’m proud to have returned to the group after 30+ years away.

UFO member publications also are required to carry the UFO Checklist — a quick rundown of the latest publications on sale from UFO members. The checklist gets updated every couple of months, and the latest edition carries some pretty cool promotions for the latest Phoenix Productions UFO books.

Here’s the clip for HEROES NOW: PATRIOT…

Hard to top Larry Johnson’s gorgeous color cover, bolding depicting Tom Fellrath’s classic hero the Patriot. But then, once you get into the gripping story, and the knock out artwork by Tony Lorenz, you realize this is one heckuva comic. The Patriot’s former sidekick Jeff details the events of past decades, as he fought alongside his mentor, in such volatile areas as Afghanistan, Libya, and Baghdad, and the subsequent affect on his worldview… and a fragile thing called patriotism. A comic so good you’ll find it difficult to put down!

And then, STRANGE TIMES #1…

Alan Groening’s distinctive artwork highlights a dark and amazing story about an astronaut who begins running… and keeps running… as alien beings pursue in a seemingly endless time loop. Tom Fellrath presents us with a gripping and disturbing story, beautifully produced, and perhaps the stuff of nightmares!

Pretty cool. Thanks to UFO Chair Steve Keeter for the great writeups!

You can find both books via the Order tab at the top of the page.

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