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The Light….is coming back!

Straight from the Department of Unintended Outcomes: The HEROES NOW: PATRIOT book apparently impressed one individual, Anthony Gray of Gray Scale Painting. Anthony was the penciller on the 1980’s edition of The Lightissue 2 and issue 3, to be specific.

Anthony contacted me and told me how much he enjoyed the Patriot story, then suggested how he’d love to get back into sequential comic art once again in the manner that Tony Lorenz did so masterfully with Patriot. I told him that the door was always open. In fact. we could revisit The Light as nobody was working on it right now, and he jumped!

A couple of days later, and we’ve just about nailed the plot down to the point where I can start scripting. Anthony’s already been hard at work on character sketches; this first draft of the 2022 version of our hero, Dave Caldwell (a.k.a. The Light), suggests that he hasn’t missed a beat:

So yes, we’re putting the band back together for The Light! We’re way on the front end of this — and remember, Patriot took a year from start to finish — but it’s exciting news nonetheless…and we wanted to share!

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