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A very big few days

Since returning from vacation on Saturday night, I’ve:

  1. Unpacked and washed clothes for the family
  2. Grocery shopped
  3. Watched football
  4. Received unexpected and awesome character art for yet another Phoenix Productions character for the upcoming HEROIC: HEROES NOW anthology while watching football.
  5. Read a couple great reviews of HEROIC: HEROES PAST in the just-received Tetragrammaton Fragments #264 newsletter from the United Fanzine Organization.
  6. Prepared for and then cancelled a kids extracurricular (a little snow)
  7. Cleaned up the master for HEROES NOW: PATRIOT
  8. Finished the master for STRANGE TIMES #1
  9. Prepared PDF proofs of both books
  10. Sent the proofs to my local copy shop for final visual inspection

Yeah, a lot going on. Cross your fingers, team…both books should be off to the printer by Friday!

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