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The 12 (Week)Days of Comics Crowdfunding: Week 3 in Review

It’s the end of the line…the last 12 (Week)Days of Comics Crowdfunding post.

I won’t lie, there’s a ton of content in these books. I intentionally backloaded this week to get ahead on all of the reading! But the quality was right up there with the other weeks. Click the links below to go to the project’s specific page. In order, they are:

Day 9: This Land #3

Mark Abnett’s lush Polynesian adventure tale goes full-on kaiju battle!

Day 10: Tales from Kerra Prime Vol. 1

One of the most ambitious projects I’ve seen, Bryan Silverbax launched a whopping 19 characters in a shared dystopian universe all in one book!

Day 11: Area 51: The Helix Project

The plot thickens in Trevor Fernandez-Lenkiewicz’s story of something walking amongst us.

Aliens? Perhaps…

Day 12: Duck-Bill #1

Michael Pickard launches the story of a quirky hero in a deadly serious detective case.

And that’s it…for now! It’s been a fun way to wrap up 2021.

Looking forward, I have a whole slew of supported projects in the pipeline, with Magnetic Press’s Carbon & Silicon/Shangri-La pack currently somewhere between Atlanta and my house. I’m thinking I will periodically post a few more books over the course of the year.

And in case you missed Week 1’s recap, click here.

Or do you want to take a look at Week 2?

Have you considered checking out my small press comics and stories?

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