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After months of planning and scanning, of reaching out to long-lost acquaintances and rebuilding friendships, of hours on InDesign and Photoshop…HEROIC: HEROES PAST is here!

The book is 90 pages including glossy, full color covers and inside front covers with black and white interiors.

Content covers my hero writing from the 80’s with art by:

  • Matt Kanaracus
  • Anthony Gray
  • Scott McClung
  • Donald Tenney
  • David Tryzenski
  • Dale Martin
  • Brian Waters
  • Tim Corrigan
  • Mike Rogers
  • Tony Lorenz
  • William Henry Caddell

HEROIC: HEROES PAST shares the stories of five characters (Accelerator, Hologram, Laser-Disc, The Light and Patriot) across eight stories with pinups, spot illos and new pieces.

More or less, this book is my high school era “omnibus“.

Copies are available for $15 postage paid. You can arrange an order by contacting me through the Contact link above. Less than 20 copies are unclaimed, and it’s doubtful that I will order a second printing (unless demand is through the roof).

Another option to read the stories (and a lot more!) is free, online in the “Library” tab right here. Not the same as a trade paperback, but it’s convenient and the price is right!

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