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Not gonna jinx anything!

It’s been a little while since I wrote with an update on the status of new projects. (The old collection has been entirely bagged and packaged into manageable boxes…that took a week-plus.) And while I don’t want to screw up the system, here are some intentionally vague tidbits:

Collected edition of older books – A top priority for me in formally relaunching Phoenix Productions. I want to produce a quality book that includes the stories of the characters who will soon be resurrected. It looks like the creative side is back on track with the last piece of art committed. I have a little text work to do, but that won’t take long.

As to the truly new content:

Patriot – My first script since returning to the field (and, as a mixed blessing, a long one) is apparently past thumbnails. This is a long-fuse project due to the length of the book.

Hologram – I am receiving roughs of the first minicomic chapter. Looking good.

Laser-Disc – A plot rough is being mulled over by the intended artist.

The Light and Accelerator – Nothing serious happening on these ones yet, but I extended an offer to a talented artist to take a swing on one of the characters.

Every artist with whom I am working or talking has quite a talent. We are all hobbyists – and proudly so – which means that the turnaround time has to be longer to accommodate jobs, family, etc. My feeling is, let’s take the right amount of time to make a book worth reading.

As to the stories thus far, they all are unique in tone and structure. These plots and scripts also are helping me explore different aspects of myself and my relationship with the hero comics genre that I have loved. The art is bringing it to life.

It’s happening, folks…slowly and surely. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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