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Phoenix Productions

A world of small press comics and fanzines…reborn!

The latest update from the Phoenix Productions blog…

What’s that you say?

Did you say, “Anthony Gray?” Why yes, yes you did! We’re just getting started, so be patient!

Strange Times #2 reviews!

As mentioned in the post with Heroes Now #2 and 3 reviews, the United Fanzine Organization (Website, Facebook group) members review the latest UFO-branded publications from their fellow members in the Tetragrammaton Fragments newsletter. Issue #269 had reviews of the two Heroes Now books as well as Strange Times #2. Strange Times #2 was a…

Heroes Now #2 & 3 reviews!

One of the main reasons I rejoined the United Fanzine Organization (Website, Facebook group) after lo these many years away from small press comics was the camaraderie and constructive support that the membership offers to one another. It comes in many ways, but a highlight is the member reviews of each others’ publications. (As a…

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