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Phoenix Productions

A world of small press comics and fanzines…reborn!

The latest update from the Phoenix Productions blog…

Black Friday Sale!!

That’s right — We’re getting in on the Black Friday fun! For a measly five bucks, you can have a PDF copy of every non-variant Phoenix Productions book published thus far in 2022. That means you get: Go here to grab your books! The sale runs until noon EST on Saturday, November 26.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! It’s an extra special one here; permit me to explain. On June 29, I had my overdue colonoscopy. My surgeon discovered 2 tumors, a benign one the size of a tennis ball and another, 5cm long, lining part of my large intestine that was precancerous. He immediately extracted the tennis ball. Two weeksContinue reading “Happy Thanksgiving!”

The books are at the printer!

This is not a drill…both HEROES NOW #2 and STRANGE TIMES #2 are at the printer. STRANGE TIMES #2 – The “anything goes” anthology attempts to tackle the “WHO ARE YOU” question with fun, poignant, odd, painful and deeply human interpretations of the theme. 48 page magazine, full color. Contributors include: HEROES NOW #2 –Continue reading “The books are at the printer!”

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